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How to Transfer Domain Names

WiserHosting web and email services generally rely on domain names that are 'hosted' on our servers. If you already own a domain name you basically have two options:

1) You can simply change the nameserver settings for your domain name as shown in the 'What NAMESERVERS To Use' section, allowing your WiserHosting services to work with your domain name. The nameserver settings can be changed yourself if you have domain management facilities at your current domain registrar, or you can request that your current domain registrar make the nameserver changes for you.

2) You can transfer the registration of your domain name entirely to WiserHosting. To do this simply initiate the transfer-in of your domain name from your existing registrar using the 'Transfer Domain' option on the Shopping Cart Order Form. For the transfer-in of UK domain names ( you should also instruct the releasing registrar company to change the IPS Tag to: ENOM. It is also important to make sure that a domain name is unlocked before initiating the transfer (ask your domain registrar company how to unlock your domain if unsure).



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