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How to Log in to the cPanel (cpanel login)


There are two main ways of logging in to the cPanel:

1) VIA THE CLIENT AREA (recommended): You can log in to the cPanel automatically from within your Client Area using the 'CPANEL' button in the 'Quick Logins' box on the Client Area home page. You can also click on the 'My Hosting Accounts' link from the Client Menu, and then click on the 'Manage' button (or magnifying glass) displayed beside the listed hosting account. There you will find the 'Jump to cPanel' button across the top of the screen (among other buttons).

(NOTE: If the 'Jump to cPanel' login fails at first, simply go back to the page which displays the 'Jump to cPanel' button and find the 'Change/Reset cPanel Password' form below it to reset the cpanel password. Once the cPanel password is reset you will be able to use the 'Jump to cPanel' button successfully).

2) You can also log in directly to the cPanel using the details provided in your 'welcome' email which was sent by email on activation of your hosting account (Login at where '' represents your actual domain name).


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