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CHMOD File Permissions

***IMPORTANT: having insecure CHMOD permissions on your website files and folders allows hackers easy access to your site***

The WiserHosting Apache and PHP web servers run on Linux operating systems and as such the following file permissions must be set on uploaded files for safe and correct operation:

Folders (directories) must have chmod 755
Files (e.g. myfile.php) must have chmod 644

NOTE: Any PHP scripts will produce an 'Error 500 - Internal Server Error' if the chmod permission is set to higher than 755 (e.g. 777). Our PHP server configuration is set up such that you should never need to set higher than chmod 644 on a PHP script, and never higher than chmod 755 on folders used by PHP scripts.

Perl scripts (e.g. or myfile.cgi) must have chmod 755 in order to be executable and run correctly.

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