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Creating Email Accounts

To create email accounts for your hosted domain, you will need to login to your webmaster control panel (cPanel).

(How to access your cPanel)

From within cPanel select 'Email Accounts' under the Email section - there you can add new email addresses and associated passwords.

When you configure your Email client/software (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail etc), you will need to use the above email address in full as well as the password:

Incoming mailserver settings:
POP3/IMAP Host Address (with SSL):

Outgoing mailserver settings:
SMTP Host Address (with SSL):

Username: The email address, in full, you are checking email for
Password: As created in your cPanel for this email address.

(where 'servername' is the actual server name hosting your account, e.g., lambda, mu, kappa, etc.).

(Please see section 'Email Settings' in your welcome email for details pertaining to your specific domain).


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